Hanuman ji pays visit to Shilparamam

By precious

December 29, 2006

Category: Visits



3 Responses to “Hanuman ji pays visit to Shilparamam”

  1. this guy was very irritating. He was scaring ppl around and then posing as if blessing them. People still were amused. So much for religious sentiments 😀

  2. Maybe anyone of the Audience likes Funk Music – then here´s a crazy cd for you:

    YouRs SinCereLy CrippLeD SaM

  3. Hanuman Ji is not there to scare people he is only there to give blessings. If you don’t want to be blessed then go away but just don’t make fun of him. It’s not really nice. I just want to say to the girl that called him “irritating” That if you think he is irritating then you are truly born with a mean heart. You might not like the look of him or what he does, but it certainly does not mean,under any circumstances to call him such a mean word! He didn’t mean to sccare people and YES he was giving blessings, sacred ones. Something someone like you can NEVER give.

    Just to say I have met Hanuman Ji, and I strictly don’t think he is irritating!

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